Do You Want To Get Started With E-Commerce?

Published on 07 June 2023
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World is changing fast and so are the methodologies involving day to day activities. The ways of doing business have evolved over time and are evolving with each passing day. E-commerce is slowly becoming the new norm of doing business. It not only allows the sellers to get connected to the customers across the globe, but also allows the customers to enjoy the convenience of easy shopping, time saving and doorstep delivery. More and more ecommerce websites are coming up and even more are the number of people aspiring to start an ecommerce site.

But what all is needed to start an ecommerce site? Well if you are one of those aspirants or have just started your own e-commerce business, this is one blog meant to you. 

What do you need to get started?

Well; all that you need to get started is an ecommerce builder. Nowadays, tools that facilitate building ecommerce sites are readily available and can help you build your own online store almost instantly.  Platforms like provide not only a single/multi vendor store, but also offer an agile platform at prices as low as just $19/mo. Such platforms pose a great opportunity for ecommerce startups and aspirants looking forward to getting started with ecommerce business with not much investment required.

Is it difficult for you to decide on a product to sell?

Often people aspiring to start an ecommerce business find themselves in a turmoil to decide  on the products and services to deal with. Often people themselves are stuck while deciding on whether to decide on a digital product or a physical product. However, tools like Misiki provide options to deal with both the physical and digital products as well.

How would you manage Products and Sales?

Not only the aspirants of ecommerce business, but often people running retail businesses and deciding to go online often have to deal with a gigantic task of managing the products, inventory, sales simultaneously in offline and online media. Platforms, however, like; come with features to manage inventory quite easily. Also, such platforms are often integrated with Analytics and interactive dashboards to give a clear picture of overall sales and revenue generated by a business, thus reducing the dependency of the users on different platforms.

What about Delivery and payment?

Platforms like Misiki are equipped with features that allow you to track orders and deliveries. Also, such platforms come along with payment gateways integrated to reduce the hustle and make the overall process smoother and seamless for the seller and the buyers as well. 

Are you worried about marketing and promotion?

Well, if you are. You shouldn’t be! Times are gone when tools and platforms used to abandon their customers after creating a store. Having an online store without proper marketing or promotion is of no meaning as it would simply end up being another store of million. Platforms like Misiki are SEO optimized and well integrated with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc. To an extent, such platforms reduce the pressure of marketing for someone who has just landed in the ecommerce business. 

If we see, these are actually a few questions that emerge and tend to stay in the minds of people looking forward to taking their business online. We, in this blog article, tried to address them all. 

We hope to eliminate the questions above from the minds of e-commerce aspirants and provide them with a solution. Do let us know if you found the blog helpful at [email protected]