Going big with Email marketing

Published on 24 March 2023
1 min read
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Though, with time, we see various kinds of marketing methodologies associated with various products and brands in the market emerging every now and then, Email marketing remains one of the most trustworthy marketing methodologies to be used by brands across the globe. 

Online sellers widely use email to engage their target audience. It is one of the most economic and equally effective methods of marketing which have been used by business people across the globe since years. But, the question is, what makes email marketing so effective for online sellers?

Now, here are some points that may provide an answer to the question.

  • The flexibility to personalize each email makes it exceptional to any other marketing means.

  • It is the most consistent form of marketing i.e., it fetches results consistently.

  • It is the most inexpensive form of marketing. It costs a seller the same whether he sends one email or 30.

Collecting customer emails:

  • Leverage various email collection tools on your website to collect email ids from onsite traffic.

  • Through pop ups, fly ups and embedded form .

Making your emails effective:

  • Four part email sequences are recommended for online sellers. These are the first few emails to be sent to the customers and are the most important emails as they determine the seller’s entire journey with the customers. These help the customers to get accustomed with the sellers.

  • 1st email, a welcome email is sent as soon as a person signs up for the tool.

  • The 2nd email goes 2 days later if the customer has not purchased anything or has been inactive. Talk about the company and USP of its products in this email.

  • The 3rd email provides social proof which comes in many forms like ratings, reviews, customer testimonials etc.

  • The last email should entice the customers to follow the firm on social media.

A few more tips:

  • Make your emails interesting, relevant and timeless.

  • Call your readers to action and keep them focused.

  • Make sure to talk to a person and not crowd.

Email marketing has been proven effective and efficient time and again. In this article we shared a few tips that might prove helpful to a startup gaining some traffic through emails. I believe online sellers will be able to find the article useful.