How to make your online store go big?

Published on 24 March 2023
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It has often been seen that businessmen, though having an online store, have not been able to optimize the income from the same and ultimately stop focusing on the online medium of selling. However, it can be seen as the failure of the store owner rather than the failure of the online platform to fetch them profit. It has to be understood that the online store is just like your retail outlet. Pretty much like the retail store, the online shop has to be taken care of. New products have to be added, people have to be informed of the same, it has to be made shoppers friendly and easy to use as a platform. Further the looks of the store has to be enhanced, banners to be added, campaigns to be launched, offers to be floated. The online store fetches more profit than the retail store, however, it must be taken care of as well. But the question remains; How can you make your online store look big? Here are a few factors that help you make your store get bigger.

  • Attractive interface

  • Products and product categories

  • Multiple enlisted brands

  • Easy Log in and Check out options

  • Offers and Coupons

  • Customer reviews and ratings 

  • Customer support 

  • Effective inventory management

Attractive interface:  The interface of your online store can be compared with the outer view of the store. The shadier the interface, lower is the footfall. However, your online store can be tuned to look attractive and eye-catching with banners, pictures, an attractive logo and an interactive theme.

Misiki offers its customers a range of options to make their online store attractive and a good looking website to be on. With unlimited customisation options and a wide range of thermes, the store owners can now go beyond a mediocre looking website to a professional online place to be on.

Products and product categories: You may have a good looking store but it is not a store until it has some enlisted products in it. As a customer, nobody would like to visit a store with limited options. Adding a lot of products under several product categories creates an image of a bigger business in front of the customers and also provides them with a wide range of product options. Thus, helps the store owner to retain customers and add to the increase in digital footprint of the customers on the online store.

Misiki allows the shop owners to add multiple products and product categories. This makes the store look bigger and varied. It adds to the image of the online store.

Multiple Enlisted Brands: Sometimes dealing with brands helps a store create a brand image for itself. Customers prefer visiting stores offering branded products over those offering local ones. This creates a negative brand image for the store. Thus dealing with branded products or adding certain brands to the dealings of the online shop helps in making the store go big.

Misiki allows the shop owners to add multiple brands . This makes the store look bigger and varied. It adds to the image of the online store.

Easy online and check out options: The whole idea of online shopping is convenience of customers. However, if the same is not offered to the customers, it surely won’t work out the way we expect. Hence, the online store must be easy to get associated with. A lot of stores make the sign in hustle free. On the other hand, there are stores asking for a lot of information to the shoppers thus forcing the shoppers to shy away.

Misiki as a platform revolves around customer satisfaction and hence is simple and extremely easy to use. It reduces the chances of customers shying away from the website and thus boosts the footfall in the store.

Offers and coupons: Customers like getting more out of less. Offers and discount coupons are the major factors that help you gain customers on a day to day basis. The store owners must let the customers avail those offers on special occasions and basically on every occasion.

Misiki as a platform allows the store owners to add offers and offer coupons with ease. This particular feature can specifically help online store owners to gain traffic on their respective stores.

Customer reviews and ratings:  Customers believe customers. It is quite natural, out of thousands of stores online today, customers prefer those which have got good ratings from other customers. The store owners must make sure, every customer, at least a good chunk of them leave a good rating. 

Misiki allows you to track all the ratings and reviews by different customers and thus optimize the services offered by the store.

Customer Support: Be it service industry or product industry, customer support has to be the top priority of the store owner to retain the existing customers. 

Misiki as a platform also follows the legacy of best customer service and allows the shop owners enlisted with Miski to provide best in class customer support as well.

Effective inventory management: Inventory management can play a crucial role in customer satisfaction. Availability of the product at all times helps in creating a good brand image for the store. At the same time, the stocked out products help depict a high demand for the product and creates a good impression for the store as well.

Inventory management feature in Misiki allows you to manage your stock and feature the same