Instagram marketing: A few tips

Published on 24 March 2023
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Instagram may be famous today for travel and food blogs, but these days, social media has moved to an entirely different level. Businesses of all sizes and from every industry have realized a huge base of potential customers can be reached out to on these social media platforms.

Instagram, started in 2010 and now has over one billion active monthly users and 700 million daily active users. One of the most important stats concerning Instagram for business? 72% of Instagram users have purchased a product or service they saw on their feed. 

So the people are out there, looking for your business, but as stories are added and monthly users grow, people miss out about 70% of posts from the people they follow. Part of this is due to a new formula (nearly identical to Facebook’s formula) that shows the user content they “value” the most first (as judged by regular interactions with posts). You can’t change that formula, but what you can change is knowing how to grow your business on Instagram. This means getting users to like, follow, and interact with your content on a regular basis.

In this article we will discuss a few ways which may help you grow your online business with Instagram.

  • Optimize your bio:

Make sure to have a catchy bio. Does your Bio describe your business well? Do you have an engaging description? Is your website link mentioned in the bio? All these small tricks can significantly help you generate more traffic to your online store.

  • Catchy content

 Instagram is a visual medium and eye-catching pictures and posts are the key. Good and interesting data and content can help engaging customers to a great extent.

  • Have a posting schedule


People buy from the sellers they trust. Great content being posted now and then does not make much of a sense. Great content should reach potential customers on a regular basis and consistently without fail. 

  • Play with Instagram Live and Stories


These options can indeed make your business reach out to customers big time. Instagram Live and Stories can go in more depth and present your company before the customers much more effectively. Polls and other widgets available on the platform along with the Instagram live and stories help engage the target audience better.

  • Make use of relevant Hashtags#


Hashtags organize and present content so users can easily find (and follow) their interests. Posts with at least one hashtag have comparatively more engagement than those without. A judicious use of relevant hashtags can do wonders.

  • Track and analyze


Instagram analytics tool can help businesses big time tracking how each post is doing. It’s a simple tool that allows you to keep a track of numbers and let the rest be done by Instagram itself.

  • Guest Posters

Inviting industry experts to post on your instagram page helps in bringing variety and excitement to your instagram profile.

  • Giveaways:

Everybody likes getting rewards and gifts. Hosting online events and giveaways can help draw crowds to your instagram and website. New friends and followers ultimately leads to new customers and more sales at the end of the day.

  • Pay attention

It is important to stay alert and constantly engage your customers. Simply posting and walking off does not become fruitful. You need to answer questions put forth by the customers, comment, like comments and so on and so forth.

  • Don’t buy followers

Surely you can buy a couple of thousands of followers by paying some money. However, one must remember social media is nothing but all about connecting. The main motive of getting on social media is to build relationships. Relationships with bought connections may seem to be fruitful in the short run but will never last long and ultimately prove counterproductive

In this article, we discussed some of the tips that can prove useful to SMEs looking forward to building a customer base with Instagram. Definitely one who follows these tricks can find suitable results.