Why to go Online?

Published on 24 March 2023
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Businesses have been run since ages. The basics of running a business has remained the same, however, the ways of carrying out business have seen changes time and again. From the barter system to the modern day currency to the transactions made through Crypto, a fast shift towards online medium has been seen in the recent days. One of the fields which has seen growth by many folds is the eCommerce sector. With businesses around the globe going online it’s important for us to know Why go online?

In early 1995, the concept of online marketplaces and online stores started to pop up in different corners of the world. People had already started looking for an easy, hustle free, doorstep shopping option which were then addressed by the pioneers like Amazon, ebay etc.

However, with each passing year and internet connectivity reaching to the farthest corners of the earth, the market started to realize the true potential of eCommerce. 

Today, people across the world have more money to spend than time to spare. In such a situation, giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, Misiki and AtoZ are serving the people with a seamless shopping experience while they are sitting in front of their laptops.

Be it a global crisis like war or a natural calamity, when the essential services are down, only a cell phone with a single stick of network can make wonders. The dimensions of shopping have shifted from purely retail based to more of Online based. According to a recent survey conducted, the growth in online shopping is nothing but phenomenal and can be seen in the graph above.

It has become necessary today for a business to have an online presence. The realization of this statement came hard during the Covid-19 global pandemic. When almost the entire world almost had to shut itself down, the businesses without an online presence were hit and were hit hard. Since then the number of online stores have skyrocketed. The world witnessed the necessity of online stores when almost all the shops in the market, all the super marts had their shutters down but at the same time, small businesses having an online presence got exposed to the global market and got connected to customers from various corners of the world.

Today, not only online stores, but the demand for platforms that help create online stores are also on rise. Misiki and AtoZ are particularly two such platforms that have been providing an effective platform to small and mid scale businesses to create their online stores and enlist their retail stores respectively. Not only do such platforms provide a platform to the small businesses to help them grow organically but also a chance to boost their income backed up by an online income source as well, in the form of an online store.

Thus it is a matter of utmost importance to go online, especially for the small and mid scale business entities. It not only helps in getting an added source of income, but also helps the business to keep up with the changing world and the needs of the customer. Also, to have an edge over the competitors or at least match the presence of competitors in the market by getting connected to the customers at a global level.